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Sensory Bed Sheets

  • SH-BS01-BLU

Sensory Bed Sheet for Kids Compression Alternative to Weighted Blankets | Breathable, Stretchy | Cool, Comfortable Sleeping Bedding- purple

1.Relaxing Sleep Experience – A smart alternative to restrictive weighted blankets, these sensory sheets help keep you cool and comfortable all throughout the night. 

2.Breathable, Stretchy Comfort – A soft, comforting blend of nylon and spandex, these stretchable twin-sized sheets offer firm, relaxing support for children of all ages. 

3.Adjustable Compressive Support – Offering deep touch pressure these compression sheets for kids let you increase or decrease compression as your children grow. 

4.High-Quality Woven Fabric – Superior to a weighted blanket, sensory bed sheets give you optimal warmth and softness that provides gentle to the touch feeling. 

5.Quick and Easy Set Up – Each sensory bed sheet features a wrap around your bed mattress and adjust to suit your child’s comfort. 

Product description:

Give your child a better night’s rest with a soft, breathable sensory sheet that provides a nice even compression and cool relaxing comfort. 

As a parent, you want your child to feel calm, comforted, and relaxed all through the night so they wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. That’s why we created a smarter, more comforting compression sheet that’s more effective and easier to use than weighted blankets. 

Introducing The Sleep Sleeve, an adjustable, stretchable “pocket” that lies over a twin mattress and lets children slip in and feel comforted by the adjustable touch pressure compression that helps them drift off to relaxing sleep with form-fitting comfort. 

Breathable and less constrictive than weighted blankets, our Sleep Sleeve provides deep touch pressure for the safest, most supportive night’s sleep possible. 

Product Details:

Sleep Sleeve (Gender Neutral) 

Breathable Nylon and Spandex Fabric 

Stretchy, Responsive Feel 

Customizable Compression 

Machine Washable (Air Dry Recommended) 

For Use with Twin-Sized Bed Only 

Not Intended for Children Under 3 





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