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Dynamic Movement BodySox

  • SH-SS01


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Increase body awareness, strength, and creativity

Creates a protective and imaginative space for children and adults

Excellent for tactile stimulation, sensory integration, body boundaries, and self-expression

1.This unique dynamic movement sensory sox will help to improve self-calming, balance, increased body and spatial awareness, and heightens movement creativity. 

2.Made from high quality fabric - Do not waste your time to use cheaply made body sock, it is time to choose a high quality product for your kids.The high-quality with excellent all-side elastic effect,the environmental dye will not cause skin irritation as your assured choice. 

3.SAFE & CONVENIENT - Dynamic Movement Sensory Sox is a creation with elaborate design, so it will be safe and convenient when children playing with it; THERE ARE FOUR SIZES: small, medium,large and X-Large . So you can choose one appropriate for your kids in accordance with his/her height. 

4.OVERWHELMING SATISFACTION - You and I know the gift for children should be the best one, so choose our high quality product and give your kids a surprise.